Quality, efficient and profitable – consignment and partner program

With our consignment and partner program, retailers enjoy the benefits of offering a variety of in‐store fresh‐roasted coffee and recognize the value of their shoppers who purchase them. When roasted in‐store, statistics prove that specialty‐coffee profits are further improved when you measure total incremental spend and the lifetime value of these repeat shoppers.

Our flexible order‐and‐delivery system improves inventory control and meets the dynamic needs and preferences of your shoppers. Java Master® has a low upfront investment*, is sustainable and has a proven, profitable revenue stream. A small‐footprint and small‐batch delivery program makes delivering your freshness guarantee possible.

Installation to ongoing support

A competitive edge


*Want to purchase our Roaster with zero down? We have partnered with Byline to bring you customized equipment financing. https://www.bylinefinancialgroup.com/