The Java Master® Distinction

Java Master® offers consistency – in freshness, product, price, quality and service. It wins shoppers. And that’s one of the reasons that Java Master® makes such an effective partner. We’ve been in the coffee industry for nearly 30 years. We’re time-tested, field-proven coffee experts, and we offer the freshest, best-tasting beans in the business. Here’s how we do it:

Reliable growers worldwide

We always work with the most reliable growers in the world’s premiere coffee-cultivating regions.

Full range of tastes

Java Master® coffees include a wide range of varieties to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Patented Java Master® roasting process

We deliver our Java Master® raw, green beans directly to our retail partners. The retailers then roast the beans in the Java Master® Roaster, a patented, easy-to-use and compact machine that consistently produces top-quality product.

Freshness redefined

Nearly all pre‐packaged coffee is marketed as “fresh‐roasted,” and the majority of coffee drinkers buy into the message. The traditional, drum‐roasting method (usually gas‐powered), more often that not, results in scorched beans, and hence the bitter taste. Unfortunately, shoppers have come to associate “coffee” with “bitter.” Coffee does not have to be bitter. It is all about the roasting process. In contrast, the Java Master® Roaster uses convection technology to assure a remarkably uniform roast that allows consumers to enjoy the freshest cup of brew they’ll ever taste. How? Our efficient, patented roasting process removes the chaff from the beans—automatically and immediately (before it becomes scorched), which yields an exceptionally clean, fresh taste. That’s part of the Java Master® difference.

Fair pricing with the best service available

There are a few more basic principles behind Java Master’s® success, and all add value to your business.

Bringing the coffee closer to you

We demystify the coffee-roasting experience. Retailers like you become the “master roasters” and occupy the sweetest spot in the coffee supply chain.

Bringing the coffee closer to your shoppers

It’s true. Shoppers love the sights, sounds, aromas and flavors associated with on-site coffee roasting.

Java Master® service and support

We respect long-term partnerships with our retail clients and offer superior customer support services, including:

Installation and warranty
Shopper insights and marketing support
Training and technical support
Coffee beans and other supplies

Let’s talk

From suppliers and beans to support and roasters, Java Master® orchestrates all the elements of a fresh-coffee enterprise. Here’s the idea in a nutshell: We make it easy for you to implement a profitable, turnkey business model – while your shoppers savor coffee perfection, day after day. There are now more than 340 roasters throughout North America, and we look forward to working with you, too.