The Java Master® Roaster

Better business, better coffee

Today nearly everyone appreciates the taste and aroma of fine gourmet coffee. Coffee is best enjoyed within 14 days of roasting. Our unique Java Master® Roaster takes the coffee experience to even greater heights, and shoppers agree: It makes the best coffee they’ve ever had. And along the way, Java Master® retailers enjoy higher margins and fast return on investment.

Green business sense

Our compact, fully automated roaster features a proven, hot‐air process that roasts green coffee beans to absolute perfection. Why use green beans? A couple of reasons. Compared to roasted beans, they cost far less. Plus, they have a shelf life that’s nearly 40 times longer. Green beans make better coffee—and better business sense, too.

Small and easy to operate

Electrically powered, the roaster is easier to install and safer to operate than gas-powered models. And unlike most roasters, the Java Master® Retail Roaster occupies a small footprint. Another bonus: Your hourly employees can operate the Java Master® Roaster, which eliminates the need for expensive roasting “experts.”

Smart by design

Our hot-air roasting process not only yields great-tasting coffee, it removes bean husks and chaff as the beans roast. That’s a brilliant feat of Java Master’s® patented design and engineering, but the end results remain just as compelling: Great coffee, high margins and quick ROI.

Leading food retailers

You’ll find the Java Master® Roaster installed at some of the leading food retailers in the US. We invite you to learn more about how Java Master® helps engage your customer base and boost your bottom line.