Sumatra Gayo FTO

Recommended Roast: Medium-Dark
Herbal, Chocolate, Spice Timtim, Ateng, Typica Wet-hulled

$14.95 — 16oz


This fair trade offering is grown in northern Sumatra by the Gayo people. The farmers have been cultivating coffee around the shores of Lake Tawar for nearly a century. Avocado, orange, and banana trees provide necessary shade for coffee shrubs while giving the farmers with another source of income.

The strong syrupy body and herbal spiciness are attributed to the traditional style of processing known as Giling Basah, or “wet-hulled.” Due to the humid environment of Sumatra, the sun cannot be used to dry out coffee beans. Machines are needed to strip the mucilage, a waxy inner covering on the coffee bean, from the green beans. The higher moisture content and heat used throughout processing contributes to a dark, full-bodied cup that goes great with cream.