Kenya Micro-Lot Gichathaini

Recommended Roast: Light-Medium
Toffee, Black tea Ruiru 11, Batian Washed

$16.95 — 16oz


The Gichathaini wet mill is one of three washing stations that make up the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society in the Mathira West District of Kenya’s Nyeri region. This factory itself is actually owned by the coffee farmers that deliver cherries to be processed. 1045 members make up the co-op, who sell their coffee through the mill and make elective decisions in terms of representatives and management positions. Democratic control of the mill has led to many conservation efforts, like reusing the water used to soak the coffee beans for other crops.

The mill is located about 6 km from the town of Karatina. The growing conditions in this portion of the Nyeri region are excellent: abundant rainfall, average temperatures of 59°F to 79°F, fertile soil, and clean water from the Ragati river.