Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural

Recommended Roast: Light-Medium
Floral, Citrus, Berry Ancient Heirloom Arabica Natural

$17.95 — 16oz


Yirgacheffe is a small part of the Sidama region, located in southern Ethiopia. This area is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. Arabica beans grow best in areas that have a similar climate to Ethiopia: tropical, mountainous, with moderate wet and dry seasons. The ancient heirloom varietals used in Yirgacheffe gives us a taste of the flavor profile that historical coffee connoisseurs fell in love with, leading to the coffee bean spreading across the globe.

Yirgacheffe is a highly complex bean with flavor notes that vary season to season. We use a light-medium roast with our Yirgacheffe beans; while still delicious when roasted to full medium or darker, much of the subtlety of flavor is lost.

This offering is processed using natural method, where the coffee is dried with the skin and fruit still on the bean. This has the effect of adding a nutty finish to the floral and citrus notes of the cup.