Our Story

About us

Passion and persistence fuel the most successful enterprises, and such was the case with a small coffee operation in the upper midwestern US in the 1980s. It’s an American success story that began with a simple question.

Why settle for less?

“Why settle for less than the best coffee around?” Our founder at Gourmet Coffee Roasters (now Java Master®) in Michigan asked that question more than 30 years ago. In response, he developed a revolutionary retail system for preparing superb, truly fresh‐roasted coffee. An inveterate lover of fine coffee, he was also an inventor, engineer and scientist uniquely qualified for the task at hand. He continues his work at Java Master® today.

In fact, many on staff at Java Master® have worked in the coffee business for decades, but none of us has ever lost a sense of excitement about coffee that’s consistently fresh, aromatic and cleaner tasting.

Regarding our never‐ending pursuit — and attainment — of perfect, genuinely fresh-roasted coffee: Some people might say we’re obsessed. We prefer “dedicated,” and we invite you to learn more about the Java Master® team.