Our Coffee

From Africa and Indonesia to South and Central America, Java Master® coffee grows in some of the world’s most fertile, productive soils. Whatever their origin, each Java Master® bean matures amid a near-perfect balance of elevation, volcanic earth, moisture, sun and shade. That helps explain the full-flavored profile of all Java Master® coffees.

Freshness redefined

Nearly all pre‐packaged coffee is marketed as “fresh‐roasted,” and the majority of coffee drinkers buy into the message. The traditional, drum‐roasting method (usually gas‐powered), more often that not, results in scorched beans, and hence the bitter taste. Unfortunately, shoppers have come to associate “coffee” with “bitter.” Coffee does not have to be bitter. It is all about the roasting process. In contrast, the Java Master® Roaster uses convection technology to assure a remarkably uniform roast that allows consumers to enjoy the freshest cup of brew they’ll ever taste. How? Our efficient, patented roasting process removes the chaff from the beans—automatically and immediately (before it becomes scorched), which yields an exceptionally clean, fresh taste. That’s part of the Java Master® difference.

Java Master® roasted coffee beans

You’ll find another Java Master® secret in the quality of our beans. Consider this: The average shelf life of roasted coffee beans is only about seven to 14 days. But Java Master® roasted coffee beans are roasted on demand. You’ll taste the distinction in a Java Master® cup of Joe—in fact, many of our discerning customers say “they’ll never go back.” Order a pound today and see for yourself.